Scissor Lifts

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Capacity Max. 2000 Kg
Voltage 240 V
Brand Desol
Material MA
Power Source Electric

Our Scissor Lifts are the best ones available in the industry. These are widely used in many manufacturing and warehouse facilities. Our scissor lifts are very competitively priced. These are a good alternative for booms and portable aerial platforms. These lifts are powerful and allow a unique narrow access capability. It also has a slide-out platform extension for easy access. We can fit these lifts with quiet electric drives and variable heights ranging between 21 to 59 feet.

- Robust construction
- Dimensionally stable
- Perfect finishing
- afe and easy load carrying
- Optimum performance

- Single scissor
- SJG 1-1, SJG 2-1, SJG 3-1.2, SJG 4-1.2, SJG 5-1.2, SJG 8-1

Double scissor
- SJG 1-2, SJG 2-2, SJG 3-2, SJG 4-2

Three scissor
- SJG 1-3.5, SJG 2-3.5, SJG 2 3 5, SJG 1-4, SJG 2-4

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